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M5000 Series


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Total situational awareness

AXIS M5000-G offers total situational awareness of indoor areas up to 400 m2 (4300 ft2). Featuring three 5 MP sensors and one PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom and HDTV 1080p, it lets you benefit from sweeping overviews and you can zoom in to get the details. With everything displayed on one monitor, you can move from overview to detailed views in a single click. And, with autofocus capabilities, you can quickly zoom in on areas of interest. Furthermore, it features indication lights to help deter antisocial and criminal behavior, ideal for retails stores and large indoor areas.

Smart functions

AXIS M5000-G offers wireless I/O connectivity with Z-Wave Plus® devices. This means that the camera can communicate with up to six devices in a system setup. If, for example, a door or a window is opened, the device can automatically alert the camera to change its preset position. Plus, you don’t need to manually turn on lights, heating, or air conditioning—you can use Z-Wave Plus to automatically activate these devices. In retail applications, it lets you monitor temperatures in freezers so you can take action – before it’s too late. And, because all information from Z-Wave is transferred to the VMS and displayed as overlays in the video stream, you’ll always know what’s happening.

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