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A unique design fitting your business

There are businesses which available surveillance solutions does not cover the whole aspects. For instance, AXIS offers P12 series as coin sized high perfomance cameras. What if we want to use a P12 camera as a police live monitoring device? This is where ADC solutionsTM gets you through. In ADC solutionsTM we make impossibles an opportunity to innovate. With adding a combination of customized software and dedicated designed hardware, we tailor a whole package of extensions for AXIS devices to fit them virtually in any surveillance environment.

Policeman Live Eye

This solution combines a P12 AXIS camera with a high durable battery pack and a 3G interface. The whole device includes a coin sized camera with a lightweight and rugged transmitter/storage unit fully installable on police uniform. Low resolution video captured by camera is viewable from the based station in a live fashion using 3G or Wimax networks. The high resolution video is stored on 64GB storage included in the transmitter and is downloadable in the police base station while device is getting recharged.

AXIS P12 Network Camera Series offers tiny HDTV 720p cameras for exceptionally discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance. The design allows the cameras to easily blend in with the environment. They are ideal for ATMs (automated teller machines), banks, stores, hotels, architectural buildings and offices.

The cameras can be installed on or flush-mounted in walls or ceilings, in elevators or in limited spaces such as in ATMs or doorways.

Coin sized camera


Development process of the device

Lots of innovations lies in the heart of this project. Every details is considered with no compromise. From securing the online stream of live video to the hardness of the casing containing the transmitter unit is considered with extra care to provide a robust performance and outstanding percision to satisfy exclusive environment of police force. This product is made to meet military standards, hence in addition to police force this device is usable in almost every military environment.

  • Idea
  • Defining military standards
  • Development
  • In-Lab tests
  • Real-Life tests

Bus passengers counter

Research part in traffic department of Arak’s municipality required a device to count the passengers of each bus live. What we offered was a fine lineup of AXIS cameras with peope counting analytics. But this was only the half way through. The developing team of ADC Solutions put extensive hours of programming to glue the pieces together and fill the gaps between analytics and monitoring system.

3G or Wimax Connection

Rear door camera counter

Front door camera counter

In each bus being monitored a pair of AXIS P3915 Installed as counting devices per each door. Congematics People Counter is included in each camera in order to achieve a precise counting system. Cameras instaled in each bus are connected to a PoE enabled Wimax router (Replaceable with 3G) streaming the bus passengers count continously to the monitoring center servers. In the monitoring center the operator is able to check each each bus passengers count and even view human flux in any given travel line.

BTS Alarm and monitoring

Each year MCI telecommunication company tolerates a considerable amount of loss due to the theft of devices installed in the retired environments like deserts. Our solution provided an integrated system watching each BTS perimiter. This system alarms who gets close to the BTS and gives the monitoring center a live video of any suspecious object moving around it.

Every BTS is equipped with 4 units of AXIS P3045 Outdoor cameras. Combining the images provided by the array of cameras yields a panoramatic picture of the BTS perimiter. Object detection analytics softwares detects any moving object in the composed panoramatic picture, if the size and characteristics of a moving object matches human, the software starts tracking it. If the moving object enters to the Alert Zone a loudspeaker installed on the BTS alerts the object the keep out, If object keeps moving and enters to the Alarm Zone the software instructs the loudspeaker driver to Alarm and streams the Video to the monitoring center.

Monitoring Cameras

Alert zone

Alarm zone