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V59 Series


  • HDTV video streaming HDTV video streaming
  • 30x optical zoom 30x optical zoom

Live streaming cameras for a variety of applications

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series offer cameras with smooth pan/tilt/zoom, high quality audio and powerful 30x zoom. They are designed to stream and webcast audio and video in a variety of applications. The open interface makes it easy to integrate with other systems and share information with a broader audience such as in auditoriums, classrooms, aswell as peer-to-peer communication in video conferencing.

For clear live production images

AXIS V59 Series offer high-definition video in up to HDTV 1080p resolution. Camera settings are optimized to produce video with high-color fidelity in studio environments. The smooth pan/tilt/zoom function is easy to control from the camera's web page and makes it possible to follow movements in a live production situation and zoom in on details of interest.

Models & Datasheet

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