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P54 Series


  • Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet
  • Day and night functionality Day and night functionality
  • Zipstream technology Zipstream technology

Cameras that blend in

AXIS P54 Camera Series comprises outdoor-ready, wall-mounted HDTV pan/tilt/zoom cameras that are esthetically designed to blend in with a building. The attractively priced cameras are ideal for use in city and perimeter surveillance, parking houses and school yards.

AXIS P54 cameras mount directly on a wall without the traditional mounting arm. The design, which incorporates a wall bracket, allows the cameras to be at one with the building. The built-in bracket also provides cost-savings by eliminating the need for a separate mounting accessory, and makes installation easier and quicker. The cameras integrated sunshield can be easily repainted to match the color of the building.

Direct drive

AXIS P54's innovations extend inside as well. The cameras have a direct drive pan/tilt system that enables unsurpassed endurance. With no belts or gears, they are reliable, low maintenance PTZ cameras.

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