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P38 Series


  • 180 View Angle 180 View Angle
  • Lightfinder Lightfinder
  • WDR – Forensic Capture WDR – Forensic Capture
  • Zipstream technology Zipstream technology
  • Day and night functionality Day and night functionality
  • HDTV video quality HDTV video quality

Complete coverage

These multisensor cameras offers seamless stitching of all three images to deliver a coherent-looking image of extensive areas with excellent image usability.

You get 180° horizontal coverage, and 90° vertical coverage with no blind spots. It’s possible to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° overview.

This allows for quick and intuitive situational awareness over a large area and lets the operator visually follow objects across great distances.

Cost-efficient, flexible, and secure

AXIS P38 Camera Series are cost-efficient cameras that gives you the benefits of three cameras while paying for just one. And, fewer cameras are needed to cover large areas. It offers a wide variety of mounting options – recessed, flush, pendant, or even back-to-back. Additionally, built-in cybersecurity features prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system.

Models & Datasheets