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ACIC is a Belgium based company, focusing on developing advanced analytic softwares. With an expert and highly educated team, ACIC develops highly efficient and flexible analytic solutions.

ACIC offers the following products covering a wide application range:

Activity Detection

Activity detection focuses on perimeter protection. This software includes variety of features packed in a single application suite.
ACIC offers this software in two formats. A server based version and an Edge version. The Edge version is capable of being installed directly on AXIS cameras, eliminating the need for a dedicated server.
However, the server based version allows more features, including group detection and PTZ presets.

The main features of Activity Detection are:

  • Presence in zone
  • Loitering detection
  • Abandoned/Added object.
  • Line cross detection.
  • Group detection (Only in server version)
  • PTZ Presets (Only in server version)
  • Object filtering by size/speed.

Activity detection uses a 3D calibration algorithm, mapping object size in the image to meters, which facilitates filtering for users. Therefore, user can filter objects based on their actual size and real-life speed.

Activity Detection - Loitering detection
Loitering detection
Activity Detection - Presence in zone
Presence in zone
Activity Detection - Fence
Fence cross detection

Panorama Detection

With using high performance methods, this application implements a full radar functionality using visible and thermal PTZ cameras. This software is ideal for cost guards. It replaces a conventional radar with far less cost as well as providing visual coverage.
Panorama detection analytic software, patrols a wide area exactly like a radar, when it find a moving object, it starts to track it while alerting the monitoring center.

Panorama Detection - Radar
Radar snapshot
Panorama Detection - Wide view
Wide view angle

People Counting

People counting software provides an effective way to estimate people passing from a predefined line.
Analytic based people counting solutions offer a budged friendly way to count people on surveillance cameras.

People Counting
People counting snapshot

Traffic Monitoring

Acic TrafficMonitoring® is a highly efficient, flexible, and easily-integrated system that allows you to monitor the traffic on a road or freeway or in a tunnel and even throughout a town or city.

Mobility statistics features:

  • vehicle counting
  • classification of vehicles
  • measurement of average and instantaneous speeds

Automatic incident detection features:

  • alarms sent to a VMS or a SCADA system
  • detection of stop and go traffic
  • detection of vehicles going the wrong way
  • detection of abnormal speeds
  • accident detection
  • detection of excess smoke, etc.
Traffic Monitoring - Mobility Statistics
Mobility statistics
Traffic Monitoring - AID
Automatic incident detection